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Intensive Class

Intensive Class

IVY After Class Intensive Course

We have prepared a well-balanced program full of education and fun activities to expand and enrich our children`s curiosity, creativity, and self-help skills. We also encourage social awareness by exposing them to an array of well-thought and well planned.


IVY After Intensive Course aims to teach children to:
  • develop the four basic skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • learn and enrich students` vocabulary
  • learn tongue twisters, songs poems and ryhmes
  • learn, develop and practice self-expression
  • develop camaraderie and sportsmanship through educational and fun games
  • enhance the reading comprehension
  • develop self-confidence in speaking English
  • cultivate the love for reading


Class program:
  • CircleTime – includes singing and playing organizes games as the children sit in a circle. It’s great way of learning how to take turns, interact and cooperate with teachers and friends!
  • T-sound-acquire right English sounds by learning “Phonics”
  • Reading skills – learn letter association, vowels and consonants and word recognition
  • International Games and sports – learn a fun running activity from the USA
  • Craft – ‘Junk’ Art. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by using ‘trash’ to make treasures.
  • Finger plays and Nursery Rhymes (Humpty Dumpty and others)
  • Puzzles and Board Games – promote strategic thinking, teamwork and turn-taking by learning to play both classic and new board and puzzle games!


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